Game Workers of the UK: Unite!

It’s official: today we announce the formation of the UK’s first and only only union dedicated to representing workers in the video game industry!

The Game Workers Unite UK branch of the IWGB is an autonomous, worker-led, democratic trade union that represents and advocates for UK game workers’ rights.

We seek to increase the quality of life for all game workers by campaigning to:

  • End the institutionalised practice of excessive/unpaid overtime
  • Improve Diversity and Inclusion at all levels
  • Inform workers of their rights and support those who are abused, harassed, or need representation
  • Secure a steady and fair wage for all

We are an affiliate of the global Game Workers Unite movement, which is dedicated to advocating for workers’ rights and crafting a unionised game industry.

Want to get involved? Head over the join page to become a member of the union, help support what we do, or just keep in touch and learn more.

Be sure to also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates over the exciting months ahead! ✊?✊?✊

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