Riot Walkout – Statement of Solidarity

Game Workers Unite UK stands in solidarity with all Riot Games workers, walking out to protest sexual harassment, and the insistence by Riot management to resolve these issues via forced arbitration.

Forced arbitration does not benefit workers and lifting it only for new hires, only on sexual harassment/assault, and only after the current cases have been arbitrated, while still blocking class action lawsuits is not enough!
Injustice has already been done, lawsuits have already been blocked, lives have already been affected.

Riot needs to change, and the way to achieve that is by worker solidarity. Platitudes, token efforts, and future commitments are not enough; direct action is required!
This walkout shows that Riot workers are not just ready to speak up; they are willing to take a stand on what’s right.

To all Riot Games employees, we say this: Stand firm, stand united, and fight for what you believe in.
A better Riot Games, a better industry, is within our grasp. ✊?✊?✊

– Game Workers Unite UK, a branch of the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain